Choreographers:           Guyton Mundy, Cody Stevens, Joey Warren

Level:                           32 Counts, Intermediate-Advanced

Music:                          Put Your Hands Together, Trin-i-tee 57,  Album “Spiritual Love”


1-8                  kicks  (X2), hitch, kick, hitch, step, skates, ¼ turn shuffle

1&2                 Kick right to right side, Step right beside left, Kick left to left side

&3&4&           Hitch left foot, Kick forward left, Hitch left foot, Step left forward         

5,6                   Skate forward on the right, skate forward on left          

7&8                 Shuffle right-left-right while making a 1/4 turn to the right


9-16              ½ turn sweep, weave, knee pop, slide and glide box

1                      with weight on right sweep left around making a ½ turn to the right

2&3                 Step down left to left side, Step right behind left, Press left to left          

&4                   pop left knee into right, Step left down, making a ¼ turn to the left        

5-8                   “Slide-n-glide” box

                        5          Slide right foot forward, making ¼ turn left

                        6          Slide left back, making ¼ turn left

                        7          Slide right foot forward, making ¼ turn left

                        8          Slide left foot forward, making ¼ turn left


17-24              Kick, step, lock, step (X2), Kick, step, step with ¼ turn, body pumps

1&2&              Kick right forward, step right forward, Lock left behind right, step right forward

3&4&              Kick left forward step left forward, Lock right behind left, step left forward       

5&6                 Kick right forward, step down right, turning ¼ to left, Step left back     

7-8                   Press hands down with body roll down, twice, transferring weight to right on 8


25-32 Kicks (X2), touch, ½ turn roll with scuff, hitch, step, roll, touch

1&2&  Kick left to left side, Step left beside right, Kick right to right side, Step right beside left    

3          Touch left to left side

4          Step down left and pivot ¼ to left and roll shoulders into the turn

5          Scuff right and pivot ¼ to left and continue to roll shoulders (still on left foot)

&         Hitch right foot

6-7       Step down on right to Right side, Step left to left side, rolling left shoulder into step        

8          Touch right to left (leaving weight on left foot)