Choreographed by: Guyton Mundy

E-mail: Falk94@aol.com


Description: 32 count 4 wall, Beginner/novice

Music: “Black Roses” By Anastacia


Count     Description


1-8       Step, slide Step, Cross, Step, Slide step, cross, Step, touch

1-2       Step R to R, Slide L behind R stepping on L    

3-4       Cross R over L, Step L to L    

5-6       Slide R behind L stepping on R, Cross L in front of R   

7-8       Step R to R, Touch L beside R



9-16     ¾ turn, touch, step, Sailor

1-2-3-4While stepping L, R, L, R make a ¾ turn to the L         

5-6       Touch L to R, step forward on L

7&8     Step R behind L, Step together with L,  Step forward on  the R while making a1/4 turn to the L


17-24   back step, touch, back step, Touch, ¼ turn step, touch, ¼  back step, 3/4 turn sweep

1-2       Step L behind R, Touch R out to R side           

3-4       Step R behind L, Touch L beside R     

5-6       step L to L, while making a ¼ turn to the L. Touch R in front of L         

7-8       Step back on R while making a ¼ turn to the R, Sweep the L foot around making a ¾ turn to the R, keeping weight on the R


25-32   Back step (X2) touch, step, full turn

1-2       walk back on L, walk back on R

3-4       touch L to R, Step forward on L

5-6-7-8While walking forward R, L, R, L, make a full turn