Competition Take A leave

Choreographed by: Guyton Mundy


Description: 64 count, 2 wall intermediate line dance

Music: “Live Your Dreams” from the “Save the Last Dance” Soundtrack


Count     Description

1-8           Step, Sailor, Full turn, coaster, foot swing

1-2&3     Step L, step behind R, step together L, step forward R

4-5           Full turn CCW  with weight on R     

6&7         Step back L, step together R, step forward L

8              Swing R foot forward with toe pointed


9-16         Toe touch ½ turn (X2), coaster, step, step

1-2           Touch R toe back, ½ turn CW

3-4           Slide L toe forward, ½ turn CW

5&6         Step back R, step together L, step forward R

7-8           Step L-R


17-24       Syncopated vine, side rock/recover, ¼ turn sailor, forward rock/recover

1&2         Step behind L, step out R, cross L in front

3-4           Rock out to R side, recover to L

5&6         Step behind R, step out L, cross R in front while making ¼ turn CCW

7-8           Rock forward on L, recover back on R


25-32       Coaster, step back, ¼ turn step back, shoulder rocks, step together

1&2         Step back L, step together R, step forward L

3-4           Step back R, step back on L making ¼ turn CCW

5-6-7&8 Rock shoulder L-R-L, lift R shoulder and R foot, lower R shoulder stepping R foot together


33-40       Step, heel raises, heel swivels, heel swivels, rock/recover, full turn

1&2         Step forward R, raise heels, lower heels

&3           Swivel R heel to R and L heel to L, bring back to neutral

&4           Swivel R toe to R and L heel to L, bring back to neutral

5-6           Rock forward L, recover back R

7-8           Make full turn stepping L-R


41-48       Coaster, side kick, hook, ¾ turn, side step, hold, foot walks

1&2         Step back L, step together R, step forward L

&3           Kick R foot out to R side, hook R foot behind L

4              ¾ unwind CW keeping weight on L

5-6           Step R foot out to R side, hold

7&8         Walk R toe in, walk R heel in, walk R toe in, transfer weight to R


49-56       Side kick ball cross, toe touch forward, toe touch back, step, drag, step, heel turns

1&2         Kick L foot to L side, step together L, cross R in front

3-4           Touch L toe forward, touch L toe back

5-6           Big step forward on L, drag R foot together

7&8         Step forward R, bring L heel to R heel take R heel to R, whlie making a 1/2 turn to the L


57-64       Forward kicks (X2), step, drag, ¼ turn body pops

1&2         Kick L foot forward, switch to kick R foot forward

&3-4       Switch to step L foot forward, drag R foot together

5-6-7&8 Bring bent arms up to shoulder level, turn head ¼ turn CCW, turn upper body ¼ turn CCW, follow with lower body ¼ turn CCW, drop arms to sides