Danced to: “Put Some Drive In Your Country” by: Travis Tritt

32-count 4-wall line dance                       

Choreographed by: Guyton Mundy


1-8           Kick ball change, sycapated grape. Full turn

1&2   Kick L foot forward, step on L, step r together

3&4   step L behind R, step R to R side, Step L in front of R

5-6            Step R out to R side, Step L behind R

7-8            Unwind full turn CCW


9-16      Step back, together, Kick ball change, step hold, Kick ball change

1-2     Step back on R , step together with L

3&4   kick R forward, step on R, step together on L

5-6     step R forward, Hold

7&8   Kick L forward, step on L, step together with R


17-24 Step and hold, kick ball change, ¾ walk around

1-2     Step forward on L, hold

3&4   Kick R forward, step on R, step together on L

5-6     Step back to R with R, Step L to L while making a ¼ turn CCW

7-8     Step on forward R  making ¼ turn CCW, step back on L making ¼ turn CCW


25-32 Sailor (X2), walks, ½ turn

1&2   Step R behind L, step together with L, Step R forward

3&4   Step L behind R, Step together with R, Step L Forward

5-6            Step forward on R, Step forward on L

7-8            Step forward on R, Make a ½ turn CCW keeping weight on R