Choreographed By: Guyton Mundy

32 count 4 wall Inter/adv. Line dance

Music:  “Caught Up” By Usher


1-8          Arm roll, press with knee pop, knee pop, body roll, step, ¼ turn pivot, shoulder pops

1&2        feet shoulder with apart with left arm extended out to left side, roll arm from fingers to shoulder like a wave, pop right knee out to right while pressing on right foot

3&4        pop right knee in, roll body to the left while transferring weight to left foot, drag right foot into left

5-6          step forward on left, make a ¼ pivot turn to left

7-8          shrug shoulders right, shrug shoulders left


9-16        ¾ slide around, knee breaks, body pops, side steps

1-2          slide right foot past left foot while making a ¼ turn to left, slide left foot back past right making a ¼ turn to left,

3-4          slide right foot past left, while making a ¼ turn o left, step left out shoulder with apart

5              bend knees in together while dropping body

6-7          rock shoulders right, rock shoulders left

&8          step right foot into left, step left to left side while raising body back up


17-24     ½ turn walk, walk, step together, step, hold, cross walks

1-2          make a ½ turn to the right stepping forward on right, step forward on left

&3-4       step together with right, step forward on left, hold

5-6          walking to the side cross right over left, step left to left side

7-8          cross right over left, make a1/4 turn to left bringing feet together


25-32     arm styling with body pop

1              bring arms up to chest level hands in front of chest, palms down, with left hand on top of right

&             Ark body to the right, hands still in front of chest, arms angled with left elbow up right elbow down

2&          take right hand in front of right knee, pop right knee out using hand like it is controlling its movement

3              pop right knee back in using hand like it is controlling it

&             bring  right hand back up to left hand (like in count 1) straitening body

4&          raise left arm while lowering right arm ( you are opening up the arms) bring them back together

5-6               roll arms from right elbow to left elbow (like a wave) step left out to left side

7-8          take right hand around the back of the head clock wise, extend left arm out to left side