How ya like it?

Where ya want it?

Just bring it!!!

Choreographed By

Guyton Mundy

32 count 4 wall Inter/Adv line dance.

Music: Freak-A-Leek  radio edit  By  Petey Paplo


2-9       Walks, ½ turn sweep, shuffle, ½ turn sweep, hitch behind, coaster

2          walk forward on right,

3,         with weight on right make a ½ turn sweep to right

4&5, 6 shuffle forward, L, R, L, with weight on left make ½ turn sweep to L

&7       Hitch right behind left knee, slide right down the back of left leg

8&1     step right back, step together with left, step forward on right.


10-17   ½ turn, shuffle back,  ½ turn sweep, look (X2), ¼ turn coaster

2          make a ½ turn pivot to the left

3&4     Shuffle back L, R, L

5          sweep Right foot around to right while making ½ turn to the right (ending with weight on right foot)

6-7       Look right, look left

8&1     while making a ¼ turn to the left, step back with left, step together with right, step forward on left


18-25   step, ½ turn pivot, coaster, full turn, kick ball touch to side

2-3       step forward on right, make a ½ turn pivot to the left (weight still on right)

4&5     step back on left, step together with right, step forward on left

6-7       make a full turn to the left while stepping right, left

8&1     kick right foot forward, step right beside left, touch left out to left side


26-1     Look, ¾ spiral, shuffle, touch, rock with look, cross walk

2-3       Look ¼ to left, make a ¾ spiral to the left,

4&5     shuffle forward, left, right, left

6-7       touch right to right side, rock to right wile looking to right

8&1     recover back to left, cross step right over left, make a ¼ turn to the left stepping forward on left


Repeat…………with attitude!!!!!!!!!!!!!