Human Motion

Choreographed by: Guyton Mundy


Description: 4-wall, phrased

Music: AM to PM by Christine Milian


Dance Pattern: A B A B A B A A 4 count pause A B A A A     


Count     Description




1-8          Step, sailor, sailor, turn shoulder bumps

1              Step forward L

2&3         Step behind R, step together L, step forward R

4&5         Step behind L, step together R, step forward L

6              turn pivot CCW

7&8         Shoulder bumps R-L-R


9-16        Sailor, walk backs, Upper Body pivot turn (X2), hitch

1&2         Step behind R, step together L, step forward R

3-4-5       Walk back L-R-L

6-7-8       turn CCW with upper body, turn CW with upper body, hitch L foot up

(when dong the ccw 1/2 & cw turns, just use the upper part of body in kind if a twisting motion)


17-24    Touch rocks, hitch turn, step, touch, sailor

1-2           Rock forward L, recover back R

3-4           Step forward L, turn CCW hitching R foot up

5-6           Step down crossing R foot in front of L, touch L toe to L side

7&8         Step behind L, step together R, step forward L


25-32     Touch, back step, switch steps, touch, step, sailor, touch

1-2           Touch R toe forward, step back on R

&3           Bring L foot to R foot, step back on R

4-5           Touch L next to R, step forward L

6&7         Step behind R, step together L, step forward R

8              Touch L next to R





1-8          Step, arm movements

1              Step L out to L, Bring both arms down, R in front of R leg, L in front of L leg

2              Bring arms up in a crossing motion, until palms are in front of face

3              take R arm and twist down, r fingers should be on the inside of L elbow

                Take L arm and twist down, L fingers should be almost at R elbow

&             Lower R arm just a bit and bend R hand at wrist up (palm out to L)

                Raise L arm up just a bit and bend L hand at wrist down (palm in to L)

                (You should have a box in front of your chest now)

4              Take R arm to the outside and bring it over L, while bending R wrist down, and L wrist up. ( you should have another box in front of you)

5              with wrist still  bent slide R arm to the R until R palm is on the back of L hand.

&6           take L hand out and to the left in a curcular  motion, while the R hand follows down the L arm to the L shoulder, and cross to the R shoulder

7-8           make CW cyrcle around head with R hand (X2)



9-16        Hitch, cross step, rock/recover, sailor, step behind, turn

1-2           Hitch L foot up, cross L over R

3-4           Rock R out to R side, recover L

5&6         Step R behind L, step together L, step forward R

7-8                Step L behind R, unwind turn CCW