In the ‘A’

Choreographed by: Guyton Mundy & Carey Parson

Jan 23rd 4pm to 5:15pm  2009

Advanced phrased line dance

Music: How we do it in the ‘A’ by Lloyd ft. Ludacris

Sequence: C, C, A, A, A, A, A, A, B, A, A, C, C

Starts on vocals (32 counts)


C Pattern:


1-8          Step, touch, step, touch, back, coaster, step together

1-2          Step forward right diagonal to the right, touch left next to right

3-4          Step left forward diagonal to the left, touch right next to left

5-6&7     Step back on right, step together with left, step down on right, step forward on left

8              Step together with right


9-16        hand points, coaster, triple step

1,2,3,4    Extend right arm pointing right index finger to right, Extend left arm pointing left index

                 to left while dropping right arm to right side, extend right arm straight up pointing right     

                 index finger up while dropping left arm, bring right arm behind your back as left arm

                 comes up in circular motion and pointing straight down in front of your body with

                 index finger pointing down.

5&6         While dropping arms step back on right, step together on left, step forward on right

7&8          Step forward on left, bring right next to left, step diagonally forward on left (while

                 Extending right arm out to right side with bent elbow, fist into shoulder rolling elbow

                  Slightly forward In a counter-clockwise motion for counts 7-8)


A Pattern:


1-8          Sailor, heel turn, cross behind, unwind 3/4 , ball cross, big step, drag

1&2        while making an 8th of a turn to the right step right behind left, step together with left,    step forward on right

&3          while making a 1/4 turn to the left, bring left heel into right, take right heel out to right

4-5         hook left behind right, unwind a little more than 3/4 back to 12 O’clock wall, with weight ending on left foot

&6          step down on right, cross left over right

7-8         take a big side step to right with right, drag left into right


9-16       Ball cross, kick ball cross behind, unwind 3/4, walk x 4

&1          Step Left next to Right, cross Right over Left

2&3        Kick Left forward, step on Left, sweep right behind Left

4             Unwind 3/4 over Right shoulder (weight on Left, facing 9 o´clock)

5-6-7-8  Walk Right, Left, Right, Left




17-24     Jump kick, back, pop knees, jump kick, back, swivel heels, hitch, step kick, step

1&2&    Jump while kicking Right forward, step Right behind left, pop knees out-in

3-4         Jump while kicking Left forward, step Left back

&5         Swivel heels to the Right then back

6-7-8     Hitch Right while leaning back, step Right where Left is while kicking Left back, step Left



25-32     Knee turns, hitch, step down, step forward, step together, knee pops, side

1-2         Turn Left knee towards Right (making 1/4 turn Right facing 12 o´clock), turn Right knee

               1/4 turn Right (now facing 3 o´clock, weight on Left)

3-4         Hitch Right while leaning back, step down on Right

5-6         Step Left forward, step Right next to Left

&7-8      Pop knees out-in, step Left to Left side


B Pattern:


1-8         Hand shrugs, hands down & up, hand pumps, jump 1/2  twice

1&2        (bring hands up and out to right side on the diagonal, right arm extended, left arm slightly bent at elbow with palms facing away) bring hands back and forth, in to you with right coming in as left goes out, left out with right in, right in with left out

3-4          dropping hands and swinging them to the left in the same position but with palms facing you

5&6        repeat counts 1&2 “remember to start with right arm extended”

7-8          Jump 1/2  turn Right on Left, jump 1/2  turn Right on Left (Right points to Right)


9-16       Sailor, brush, coaster, swivel, fist, flat back

1&2        step Right behind Left, step together with Left, step Right to Right side

3             Brush Left shoulder with Right hand while making 1/4 turn Left on Right (while slightly kicking left with flexed foot)

4&5        Step back Left, step Right next to Left, step forward Left

&6          Swivel Left heel out-in

7-8         Right fist up at height of head, punch down towards the floor while bending at waist

                letting upper body drop with back flat


17-24     Head turn, “Thriller hands” twice, step, side, snake hand roll, drop

1             Turn head facing 6 o´clock with both hands around the mouth (to shout)

2-3          Straighten up with “Thriller Hands” to the Right, “Thriller Hands” to the Left

4              touch right next to Left

5-6-7      Step Right to Right side (5) while snaking Left hand across in front of you from Left to Right


8             Bend at waist letting upper body drop (“fall asleep”)




25-32     Grab, grab, pull, punch, pull 1/4 turn, step, hook behind, unwind 3/4

1-2          Left arm up, Right arm up across chest

3-4         Pull yourself up, Right arm further forward towards Left fist

5-6         Pull yourself 1/4  turn Left, step forward on Right

7-8         Cross Left behind Right, unwind 3/4 turn Left with hands up in front of you (palms out)


33-40     Back, coaster, lock step, step with hand roll, swivel heel, arm cross

1-2&3    Step back on Right, step back on Left, step Right next to Left, step Left forward

4&5        Step Right forward, step Left behind Right, step Right forward

6             Step forward on Left while rolling both hands forward (like putting a sheet on bed)

&7-8      Swivel Right heel out-in, while crossing arms out and down “like you are calling a runner safe in a baseball game”

41-48     side Kick, sailor 1/4, heel turn 1/4 , ball rock, recover, ball side, step with arm cross

1-2&3    Kick Left to Left as you brush your left hand in front of left knee, step back on left while making a 1/4 turn to the left, step together with right, step forward on left        

&4          Bring Right heel towards Left heel, take Left heel to Left (you´ve made 1/4 turn Right)

&5-6      Step Right next to Left, rock Left to Left side, recover to Right

&7-8      Step Left next to Right, step Right to Right side, step forward on Left “while crossing arms out and down “like you are calling a runner safe in a baseball game”


49- 56    Hand on belt, together with hand on belt, kick, hook, kick, side, behind, side, cross, hold

1-2          Put Right hand on belt, step together with Left as you put Left hand on belt

3&4        Kick Right forward, hook Right in front of Left, kick Right forward

5-6&7    Step Right to Right side, cross Left behind Right, step Right to Right side, cross Left over


8             Hold (dropping arms)


57-64     Cross, back, drag, ball step, walk around

1-2         Cross Right in front of Left, step back on Left

3&4        Drag Right towards Left, step Right next to Left, step forward on Left

5-6-7-8   Walk around one full turn Right (Right-Left-Right-Left)


C Pattern is always danced facing 12 o´clock

B Pattern is only danced once facing 6 o´clock