J’s Revenge

Choreographed by: Guyton Mundy

E-mail: Falk94@aol.com


Description: 4-wall, 64-count, advance linedance

Music: “Work in Progress” By Alan Jackson


Count     Description


1-8          Kick ball cross, Step toe touch, Shoulder roll ¼ turn L

1&2         Kick R foot forward, step R, cross L foot on front of R

3-4           Step R to side, touch L toe to L side

5-6-7-8    Roll L shoulder down then up while doing ¼ turn to L


9-16        L coaster, Toe touches, Body drop

1&2         Step back on L, step together R, step forward L            

3-4           touch R toe out to R side, step forward on R

5-6           Touch L toe out to L side, touch L to forward

7-8           Step L to L side, drop body to L (bend L knee)


17-24     Shoulder pops, Syncopated vine R

1-2-3-4    Alternate shoulders up down starting with the R (shift weight to the R)

5&6-7-8                  Cross L foot behind R, step side R, cross L in front of R, step side R, touch   L beside R     


25-32     Step, ¾ turn Sailors, walks

1              Step L to L side

2&3-4&5                While stepping R,L,R,  L,R,L do a ¾ turn to the L

6-7-8       Step forward R,L,R


33-40     Rock/Recover ¼ turn, walk with holds and snaps)

1-2           Rock forward on L, Recover on R

3-4           Make a ¼ turn L stepping out on L, hold and snap

5-6           cross R in front of L, hold and snap

7-8       step L out to L, hold and snap


41-48     Side Slides, ¼ turn coaster, step, step

&1-2    Step L in to R, step R out to side, Hold

&3-4       Step L in to R, step R out to side, Hold

5&6         make a ¼ turn while stepping L,R,L

7-8           Step forward R, L


49-56   Toe touches, coaster step (X2)

1-2-3&4  touch R toe forward, touch R to side, step R,L,R

5-6-7&8  touch L toe forward, touch L to side, step L,R,L


57-64     Step, touch, knee swivels, ¼ turn coaster

1-2           Step forward on R touch L toe to L side

3-4-5-6    swivel L knee out, in, out, in

7&8         Make a ¼ turn to the L while Stepping L,R,L