Just Live

Choreographed by: Guyton Mundy



Description: 4-wall, 48-count, Intermediate

Music: Its All  the Way Live, By; Coolio


Count     Description


1-8       Scuff, Touch, Rock/Recover, Syncopation, Rock/Recover

1-2       Scuff R forward, Touch R beside L

3-4       Rock R to Side, Recover on L

5&6     Step R behind L, Step L to side, Cross R in Front of L

7-8       Rock L out to side recover on R


9-16     Turn Coaster, Scuff, Step, Step, Shake, Back Step, Back Touch

1&2     While making a turn to the L, Step L back, R together, L forward

3&4     Scuff R forward, Step forward on R, Step together with L

5&6     Shake hips L, R, L

7-8       Step Back with R, Touch L back


17-24   turn, Step, Sailor, Touch, Back Step, Hip Bumps

1-2       Make a turn to the L, Step forward on R

3&4     Step L behind R, Step R together, Step forward on L

5-6       Touch R forward, Step back on R

7-8      Shake hips, L, R


25-32   Hip Bumps, Kick Ball Change (X2), Step, Touch to Side

1-2       Shake hips L, R

3&4     Kick R foot forward, Step on R, step forward on L

576      Kick R foot forward, Step on R, step forward on L

7-8       Step Forward on R, Touch L out to L side


33-40   Swivels, Scuff turn, Syncopation

1-2       Swivel body turn to L, Swivel body turn back to R

3-4       Swivel Body turn to L, Scuff R foot forward

5          Step down on R while making a turn to the L

6&7     Step L behind R, Step R to R side, Cross L in front of R

8          Step R to R side


40-48   Touch, Step, Slide, Touch, Touch out, Behind, turn, Step

1-2       Touch L beside R, Step L big step to L

3-4       Slide R to L, Touch R beside L

5-6       Touch R out to R side, Touch R behind L

7-8       Make a turn to the R, Step Forward on L