Text Box: Choreographed by Guyton Mundy, Joey Warren, Heidi Hollan, and Megan Olson







Step, rock and cross, look, triple unwind, coaster step


Step left forward at left diagonal


Turn 1/4 turn to left rocking right out to right side (2), recover onto left (&), cross right over left (3) facing 9 o’clock


Role head from right to left, end looking to left


Unwind 3/4 turn triple over left shoulder stepping left, right, left end facing 12 o’clock


Step right back (7), step left next to right (&), step right forward (8)


Step back, step lock step back, ¼ step touch, roll right knee, left knee, half turn sweep, ball step


Step diagonally back onto left


Step right back (2), cross left over right (&), step right back (3)


¼ turn left stepping left out to left side (&), point right out to right side (4) end facing 9 o’clock

Styling: instead of pointing right foot, press into it while bending right knee in


Roll right knee out (5), Roll left knee out (6)

(end with weight on left)


½ turn left on left foot sweeping right foot around

(*the turn is actually more than ½ because you want to end facing the diagonal at 1:30)


Step right foot (&), step forward on left (8) still at 1:30


Walk x4, step out R L, ¼ turn step, drag, ball step


Walk forward right, left, right, left


Step right out to right side (&), step left out to left side (5)

&6, 7

¼ turn left stepping right next to left (&), big step forward on left (6), drag right in to meet left (7)

All this is done at the diagonal 10:30


Step right next to left (&), step left forward (8) still at 10:30


¼ walk x2, side, cross, slide, rock back, rock side, step kick, ball step


Walk right, left doing a little more than a 1/2  turn left to face the 3 o’clock wall


Step right to right side (3), cross left over right (&), big step right out to right side (4)


Rock left behind right (5), recover to right foot (&)


Rock left out to left side (6), recover to right foot (&)


Kick left foot forward (7), step left next to right (&), step right forward (8)


No tags or restarts to remember in this dance ;-) so just have some fun with it!!!!!!!!!!


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