said “Poh-duh-bee”, as in ‘what’re we podabe doin’?’

Choreographer:  Guyton Mundy, http://www.funk-n-line.com

Music:  Vibrate (clean version) by Petey Pablo on album “Still Writing In My Diary: 2nd Entry”

Description:  32-Count, 4-Wall /Inter. Line Dance

Intro:  32 counts in at start of main vocals.

Note:  This dance is all about what you put into it.  Play with the music and give it your own flava.


1-8          Hitch/Punch & Knees, Rock-Recover-Cross, Turn, Triple Forward

1&           Bend L knee slightly and hitch (lift) R knee while punching R fist straight down and bending L arm so elbow is at your side and L fist is at L shoulder.  Step R foot next to left and drop arms.

2&           Keeping feet together bend both knees aiming L knee to left and R knee to right while arms are down at sides with hands horizontal to floor.  Straighten up and drop hands taking weight on R.

3&4         Rock (small step) side L.  Recover weight on R.  Step L across R.

5&6         Triple step 3/4 left turn to face 3:00:  (Turn 1/4 left to face 9:00 stepping back R.  Turn 1/4 left to face 6:00 stepping side L.  Turn 1/4 left to face 3:00 stepping forward R.)

7&8         Step forward L, R, L (note–this is not a shuffle step, but 3 distinct steps).


9-16        Back, Hitch, Side-Behind-Side, Turn, Hitch, triple walk back

1-2          Step back R.  Turn 1/4 left to face 12:00 hitching (lift) L so knee is angled slightly to left

3&4         Step side L.  Step R crossing behind L.  Step side L.

5-6          Turn 1/4 left to face 9:00 stepping forward R.  On ball of R foot turn 1/2 left to face 3:00 and hitch (lift) L knee. While bringing hands up to chest level, elbows close to body, close fist, palms in, thumbs out, pinkies bent but slightly raised.

7&8         Keep elbows close to body– step back, L, R, L as you shrug  shoulders


17-24      Step, Touch, Step, Touch, 1/4 Turn/Step, Touch, Step, Touch

1-2          Step back R while making a 1/4 turn to the right, slide left foot onto right while shrugging shoulders up, down, up, down, on counts &1&2

3&4         Step forward L, R, L.

5-8          Step back R and “pop” upper body by moving in freestyle fashion (play with it!) but freeze position at each ½  count (5& 6& 7& 8) as you slowly turn 1/2 left to face 12:00 while sliding L foot to end with weight forward on L.


25-32      Step, spiral with hitch, triple, step, press/recover, ¼ turn, step

1-2          Step forward R.  Spiral full turn left on left (slightly hitching the left foot) to face 12:00 keeping weight on R.

3&4         Step forward L, R, L (note–this is not a shuffle step, but 3 distinct steps)

5-6          Step forward on R foot.  Press forward on ball of L.

7-8          Slide R foot slightly back and take weight while starting a ¼ turn to the right,  finish ¼ turn stepping forward on left


               There is one restart in the dance. On the 10th wall do the first 16 counts of the dance and restart.  Have fun!!!!!!!!!


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