Pop ya Collar



Choreographed By: Guyton Mundy

32 count 4 wall Inter Line Dance

Music By:  Usher “Pop Ya Collar”


1-8    Scuff, cross hitch, ¼  turn, hitch, side step, drag, sailor, scuff cross, knee pops

1&2     scuff left foot forward, hitch left foot up in front if right leg, bring left back down beside right while making a ¼ turn to the left (with weight still on right foot)

&3-4    Hitch left up, step down on left big step to left, drag right into left

5&6     step right behind left, step together with left, step forward on right

&7       scuff left foot forward, cross left over right ending in a cross foot position

&8       while bending knees forward lift heels up, straiten legs while putting heels down (with weight ending on right)


9-16  Coaster, kick ball step, toe swivels with ¼ turn, heel swivels with ¼ turn, scuff cross

1&2     Step back on left (lift left foot up and back to get over right foot) step together with right, step left forward

3&4     kick right forward, step right beside left, step forward on left (ending with weight even)

5-6       bring left toe a ¼ turn into right, bring right toe out a ¼ turn to right. (you should be facing the 12 o’clock wall)

&7       bring left heel in a ¼ turn to the left, bring right heel out a ¼ turn to the left (you should be facing the 9 o’clock wall with weight ending up on the left foot)

&8       scuff right foot forward, cross right over left ending in a cross foot position with weight on right)


&17-24       ball change, ½ turn, press, drag, ball cross, together, toe spread, ball step

&1       step back on left, step forward on right

2          make a ½  turn on right foot to the right

3-4       step down forward on left heel, drag left back to right

&5-6    step left next to right, cross right over left. Step together

&7       with weight on heels, spread toes apart, bring toes back together ( with weight ending up on right foot)

&8       step back on left, step forward on right


25-32 walks, rock/recovers with ½ turn

1-2       walk forward on left, walk forward on right

3-4-5-6-7-8     rock forward on left, recover on right, repeat 2 more time

while doing your rocks and recovers make a ½ turn pivot to the right ending with your weight on the right foot, and give us a little style while you do it!!!!!