Ready For Action

Choreographed by: Guyton Mundy


Description: 4-wall, 32-count, intermediate line dance

Music: The way you move by Outcast


Count     Description


1-8       Mambo, turn, weave, rock/recover, turn

1&2     Rock forward on R foot, recover back on L foot, step together with R

3&4     Rock Back on L foot, recover Forward on R foot, while making a turn to the L step L foot across in front of R foot

5&6     Step R foot to R side, Step L foot behind R, Rock R to right side

7-8       Recover back on L foot, sweep R foot around making a turn to the L bringing feet together with weight ending on R foot


9-15     Step back (X2), hitch, step, toe swivel, rock/recover, coatser

1&2     Step back on L foot, step back on R foot, hitch L knee up

3&4     step forward on L heel, swivel L toe to R, bring toe back to center

5-6       rock forward on to L toe, recover back on R foot

7&8     Step L foot back, step together with R foot, step forward on L foot


16-24    Diagonal Shuffles (X2), knee swing with turn

1&2     Shuffle diagonally forward to the right R, L, R

3&4     Shuffle diagonally forward to the Left L, R, L

5          Step forward on R,

6-7-8    While circling L knee around in a CCW motion make a turn to the L ending with weight on the L foot



25-32   Syncopated weave with   turn,    coaster, sweep turn, Body roll

1&2&  Step R to R side, step L behind R, make a turn to the R stepping R foot forward

            step L foot to L side while making a turn to the Right

3&4     while making a turn to the R, step back with R, step together with the L, step forward R

5-6               make a turn on Right foot to the Right bringing  Left to Right

7-8             Body Roll, with weight ending on L foot