Scratch This

Choreographed by: Guyton Mundy


Description: 4-wall, 32-count, intermediate

Music: The Itch “Vitamin C”


Count     Description


1-8       Mambo, Step, 1 ¼ turn, step, touch

1&2     Step forward on R, step together with L, Step back on R

3&4     Step back on L, step together with R, Step forward on L

5-6       Step forward on R, make a ½ turn to the L, keeping weight on L

7-8       Continue making a ¾ turn to the L ending with weight on R, touch L to L side


9-16     Sailor, shuffle locks, Step behind, ½ turn, coaster

1&2     Step L behind R, step together with the R, Step forward on L

3&4     Lock R behind L, Step forward on L, Lock R behind L

5-6       Step back on L, make a ½ turn to the L, keeping weight on R

7&8     Step L behind R, Step together with R, Step forward on L


17-24    Toe touches, Step slide, Body Pops

1&2&  touch R to R side, Step together with R, touch L to L side, step together with L

3&4     touch R forward, step together with R, Step forward on L

5&6&  (5)slide R to L while bringing hands up to chest with palms down, elbows are out to the sides, (&) extend arms strait down  in front of body, wrist should be bent  with palms facing the ground,  (6) spread knees apart while taking hands out with the knees, (&)bring knees together while bringing hands back in

7&8     (7)Bring hands up to head, with palms facing each other, fingertips will be pointing                up, (&)Turn head to the L while turning hands the same way, (8) bring head back forward while turning hands back to neutral in front of face (neutral is count 7)

            (Drop hands on count 1 of the next 8 counts)


25-32   Mambo, ½ turn coaster, shoulder pops, slide together

1&2     step forward on R, together with L, back on R 

3-4             Step back on L, do ½ turn to the L ( keeping weight on R)

5&6     step behind L, together with R, out to L side with L

7&8     shrug shoulders L-R, slide feet together