Choreographed by: Guyton Mundy



Description: 48 count 4 wall, Intermediate line dance

Music: “She’s got skills” (Club Remix)” By All-4-One


Count     Description

1-8          Kick, hitch, step, ¼ turn Sailor. Knee slap, hand motion

1&2         Kick R leg forward, hitch R leg back across L, step forward on R              

3&4         While doing ¼ turn L, step L behind R, step together R, step forward L  

5&6         With hands out in front, L hand over R both palms facing down, hitch up R knee and slap hands on knee; step forward on R, bring hands up in front of chest with arms extended and open hands at wrist with L palm facing forward and R palm facing toward body; step L to L side, twist hands in CW motion so L fingers are facing 3:00 and R fingers are facing 9:00

7-8           Leaving L arm stationary, make ½ CCW circle with R arm ending with R hand above L; make ½     CW circle with R arm, ending with R hand below L hand


9-16        ¾ turn with arm movement, coaster, step, triple step with ¾ turn, toe point

1-2           Pivot CCW on L leg ¾ while sweeping R hand around head CCW (starting at L temple and ending on R side of neck, with weight on R foot)   

3&4         Step back L, step together R, step forward L

5              Step forward on R               

6&7         Rock forward L, recover back on R making ¼ turn L, continue ½ turn stepping back on L

8              Touch R toe to R side


17-24     step, scuff, hitch ½ turn, rock/ recover, shuffle, full turn

1              Step forward on R               

2&3-4     Scuff L foot forward while making ¼ turn R, hitch L foot, rock down on L foot, recover back on R while making ¼ turn R

5&6         Shuffle forward L-R-L         

7-8           Step R-L while making full turn CCW


25-32     toe points, ¼ turn, scuff with hitch, rock/recover, ¼ turn sailor

1&2         Point R toe forward, point R toe side, point R toe back behind L

3-4           Making a ¼ turn R step forward on R, hitch L leg up

5-6           Rock forward on L, recover back on R

7&8         Make ¼ turn L while stepping behind with L, together with R, forward with L


33-40     hold with body pops, side steps, hold, side steps

1-2           Hold while moving shoulders to the beat

&3           Bring R foot to L, step L to L side

4-5-6       hold while moving shoulders to the beat

&7           Bring L foot to R, step R to R side

8              hold


41-48     toe points, step behind, coaster with touch, walk backs, ½ turn

1&2         Touch R toe forward, touch R toe to R side, step R behind L

3&4         Step left back, step together with R, touch L toe forward (ending with enough weight to prepare for push off)

5-6           Walk back L-R

7-8           Touch L toe back, do ½ turn L ending by stepping on L foot