Slippery When Wet


Description: 32 count, 4 wall, Intermediate with one re-start

Choreographed by: Guyton Mundy and The Extreme Team (Sharon Williams, Bridget Vinch, Deborah Corbett, Susan Tolliver, Walter McEntire, Jeremy Wilson, Sandy Albano)

Music:Slippery When Wet” by The Commodores



Right Ronde, Quarter Turn Sailor, L Hip Walks Forward and Back, Forward Lunges

1,2       Touch R in front and sweep R to the right

3&4     R Sailor step with one-quarter turn to the R

5          Touch L Fwd

6          Touch L Back

7&8     Lunge fwd on L with L hip leading, step R behind, another lunge fwd on L with L hip leading(ending with weight on left)


CCW Spiral Turn on R, Step Fwd L and Touch R behind, Step Back R, L, 3/4 Turn Shuffle

1,2       Step Fwd on R, Full turn Spiral on R turning to the Left,

3,4       Large step Fwd on Left, dragging R and touch R behind L

5,6       Long step back on R, Long step back on L

7&8     Shuffle R, L, R making a 3/4 turn to the right


˝ angle step  diagonally R, L, R, Synchopated jazz box with one-quarter turn L, Skate Fwd R, L

1,2       Step L together, turning CW 1/2  step diagonally fwd to the R on R

3,4       Step diagonally fwd to the L on L, step diagonally fwd to the R on R

5&6     Cross L over R, Step R back turning one-quarter to L, Step fwd on L

7,8       Skate forward R, L


Right Mambo fwd, Left Mambo back, Double Hip Bumps on R with half turn, Double Hip Bumps on L with half turn

1&2     Step fwd on R, step L beside R, Step R back

3&4     Step back on L, step R beside L, Step L fwd

5-6       Touch R fwd turning one-quarter to L and bump hips, Step back on R turning another quarter to L

7&8     Touch L back turning one-quarter to L and bump hips, Step fwd on L turning another quarter to L



Restart:  After starting wall 3, restart the dance after 12 counts.  You will be facing the nine o’clock wall for the restart.