Smack Dat

32 count 4 wall inter.

Choreographed by: Guyton Mundy

Music: Smack that. By Akon and Eminem


1-8       Jump out, hitch, step together, touch, together, hitch, out, out, break, coaster

1&2     jump out feet shoulder width apart, hitch right up, step together with right

(Arms out bent at elbows, alternate down, up, down (right arm), up, down up (left arm)

3&4     touch left out to left side (while right arm comes across body with closed fist), step together with left, hitch up right

5&6     step out with right, step out with left, bring right arm up open hand in front of chest, and break frame using hand like it is pushing in chest

7&8     step back with right, step together with left, step forward on right.


9-16     step with turn, touch, cross and cross, 2 half turns, out, out, knee pop

1-2       take big step forward on left while starting a turn to right, touch right next to left finishing the turn. (as you touch right to left bring left arm up, open hand palm down extended out in front. bring right arm around with closed fist like you are hitting something going underneath left arm)

3&4     step right to right, cross left over right, step right to right side.

5-6       make a turn to the left stepping left out to left side, make turn to left stepping right out to side

7&8     step left forward and out, step right out to right, bend right knee in, bring right hand in front of stomach with closed fist, bent elbow


17-24arm hit, ball cross, rock/recover cross, out, out with turn, knee pop, drag

1&2     (1) hit top of right hand with left, (hand will make a circle around and end up over top of left on count 2) (&2)step back on ball of left, cross right over left

3&4     rock left to left, recover on right, cross left over right

5&6     making a turn to right step forward on right, step left out to left, pop right knee in

7-8    drag left to right keeping weight on right


25-32   step X2, hold, back step, lock, back, turn side step. turn, together side together

1&2     step forward out on left, step out with right, hold

&3&4  step back on left, lock right over left, step back on left, make a turn to right stepping right to right

5-6             make a turn to right stepping left to left, hold

&7-8    bring right to left, step left to left side, step together with right


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