Choreographed by: Guyton Mundy



Description: 4-wall, 32-count, intermediate

Music: Family Affair by Mary J. Blige

Count Description


1-8 Toe Touches, Step, turn, toe touch, Shuffle, Scuff turn

1&2 Touch R toe to Front, to R side, behind L

3-4 step R to right, Make a turn CCW while touching L toe in to R

5&6 shuffle forward L, R, L,

7&8 Scuff R forward while doing a turn CCW, Scuff R back while doing a

turn CCW, step back on R


9-16 Bumps, Touch, Back and Back, Step, turn sweep

1&2 bump hips L, R, L, while transferring weight to the L foot

3-4 Touch R forward, Step back on R

&5-6 Step L back to R, Step back on R, touch L to R

7-8 Step forward on L, Sweep R foot around making a turn CCW


17-24 Shuffle, Rock, Hitch , Hitch ,

1&2 Suffle back R, L, Rock back on R

3-4 Step forward on L, hitch R foot up making a turn CCW

5-6 Rock down on R , recover L

7-8 Hitch R foot up while making a turn CCW, step down on R


25-32 Syncopation, Touch, Shuffle, full turn

1&2 Step L behind R, Step R to Side, Step L in front of R,

3-4              Step R to side. Touch L to R

5&6 while doing a turn CCW shuffle forward L, R, L

7-8 step forward on R while making turn CCW, step Back on L while making turn CCW