Time to Get Up

Choreographed by: Guyton Mundy




Description: 4-wall, 32-count, intermediate line dance

Music: It’s A Party  by Tamia From the HONEY Motion Picture Soundtrack



Count     Description


1-8       Kick ball step, ¼ turn Sailor, weave, ¾ turn, weave

1&2     Kick Right foot forward, step right beside left, step forward on left

3&4     step right behind left, step together with the left, step right to right side (while making a ¼ turn to the right)

5&       step left behind right, step right to right side

6          with weight on right make a ¾ turn to the right

7&8     Step left to left, step right behind left, step left to left side


9-15     Heel Touch (with fist slap), ¼  turn, Hip bumps, Kick ball touch behind, 1 ½ turn

1          touch right heel forward  (Optional hands—with the right arm make a complete circle, like you are winding up to make an underhanded baseball trough. Bringing your left hand out in front and slapping the palm of your left hand with your right fist as you complete the circle.)

&2       step right to right side, make a ¼ turn pivot to the left, (drop hands to side on &)

3&4     Bump hips right, left, right (with weight ending on left foot)

5&6     Kick right foot forward, step together with the right, touch left behind right

7-8       with weight on right heel, make a 1 ½ turn to the left

            (Optional---if a 1 ½ is too much just unwind ½ turn to the left)


16-24   jump out, shoulder rocks, sailor , syncopated jazz with ½ turn, scuff ½

turn, touch 

1          slightly jump ending with feet shoulder width apart

&2       bend right knee as if you are squatting to the right and rock right shoulder to the right, bend left knee to the same height as the right and rock left shoulder to the left. (ending with weight on the Left foot)

3&4     step right behind left, step together with the left, step forward on the right

5&6     cross step left over right, step back on the right, make a ½ turn to the left stepping forward on the left

7&8     scuff right forward making a ½ turn to the left, step back on right, touch left beside right

25-32   Walks, triple step, syncopated jazz, ½ turn flick, triple step

1-2       Walk forward on the left, step forward on the right      

3&4     step forward left, right, left

5&6     cross step right over left, step back on the left, step right to right side

7          with weight on right, make ½ turn to the right, while flicking the left back and up

&8&    walk forward left, right left