Whatever you want

Choreographed by

Guyton Mundy & Judy McDonald

32 count 4 wall Inter/adv line dance

Music “Whatever you want” By Christina Milian


1-8&       Hand roll, Look, rock/recover, cross, side step, ¼ turn sailor, scuff, hitch, bumps

1&2     with right hand up with closed fist at shoulder level, roll wrist in clockwise    motion for counts 1&, take right hand and move it across in front of face and look to the left (with open hand) place left hand on hip

&3&4      rock right to right side, recover on left, cross right over left, side step left to left

5&6         step R behind L, step together with L, step forward on R while turning ¼ turn R

&7&8&  scuff L forward, hitch L up, touch L forward, bump hips back, bump hips forward


9-16 and movement with walks, side rock recover, cross, side shuffle

1         lift arms out to either side with bent elbows, palms down, fingers towards the left and hitch left leg up.

&     with palms still down point fingers to the right

2         bring hands in front of chest, place left palm on back of right hand with the fingers of the left hand pointing

up, and right pointing down and step down on left foot.

&     with hands still together rotate hands in clock wise motion sliding fingers down arms to elbows making a box

in front of your chest

3      flatten out wrist so arms are laying on top of each other L over R and step forward on R foot

&     lift left arm up, and lower right arm enough to separate them about 6 inches

4      bring arms back together and step forward on left foot

5&6         rock right out to right side, recover back on left, cross right over left

7&8         step left to left, bring right to left, step left to left


&17-24   together, side touches, tap, cross step, side step, ½ turn sailor

&1&2      bring right to left, touch left to left side, bring left to right, touch right to right side

&3&4      bring right to left, touch left to left, tap left in front of right, cross step left over right

5-6                step right to right side, drag left foot in

7&8         step left behind right, together with left, forward on right while making a ½ turn to the left


25-32       Heel touches, step, ½ turn with heel pops, press/recover, shuffle back        

1&2         touch right heel forward, step right beside left, touch left heel forward

&3           step left beside right, step forward on right

&4           bring left heel into right heel while making  ¼ turn to the left, take right heel to right while making a ¼ turn to left

5-6                press forward on left toe pushing left shoulder forward, recover back on right

7&8         step back on left, bring right to left, step back on left




There is a 1 count hold after the rap on the  9th wall you will hold for one count the start the dance as normal