Cadillac Ride

Choreographed by: Guyton Mundy

64 count, 2 wall Advanced  line

Music: Straight Cadillac Pimpin, By 8-Ball & MJG


The dance has 1 restart. On the 5th wall, the 3rd time you do the front wall you do the first 48 counts of the dance and then start over..........


1-8       Walks, and heel, cross, knee pops, side rock and cross, ¼ turn back step

1-2       walk forward R, L

&3&4  step back on R, touch L heel forward, step back on L, cross R over L

&5       lift heels while Popping knees forward, recover ending with on R

6&7     rock L to left, recover on R, cross L over R

8          while making a ¼ turn to the left step back on R   (facing 9 O’clock)

9-16     coaster, cross(X2), ¼ turn step(X2), sailor

1&2     step back on L, step together with R, step forward on L

3&4     cross R over left, step L to left side, cross R over left

5-6       make a ¼ turn left stepping L forward (facing 6 O’clock), make a ¼ turn to L stepping R to right side  (facing 3 O’clock)

7&8     step L behind R, step together with R, step forward on L

17-24   Crip walks, kick, hook, kick ball step, elbow out, with look

1&2     touch R heel forward, bring feet together, touch L heel forward

&3&4  bring feet together, touch R heel forward, feet together, step forward on R

5&6     kick L forward, hook left over R, kick L forward

&7       step back on L, step forward on R

8          Lift left elbow up and look to left

25-32   step lock step with, kick step lock step(X2) with ½ , kick step together

1&2     Step L to L, lock R behind L, step L to L (with right hand extended out in front and rotating to the left in a circular motion, like you are driving a car)

(Doing counts 3-8 you will be making a half turn to the L ending at the 9 O’clock wall)

3&4&  kick R forward, step on R, lock L behind, step forward on R

5&6&  kick L forward, step on L, lock R behind, step forward on L

7&8     kick R forward, step on R, step together with L

33-40   hop side, hop forward, hop back, knee pop, coaster, ½ turn shuffle

1-2       hop to the left, hop forward on an angle to the right while crossing left in front (weight will be on right foot)

3          hop back on same angle while crossing left foot behind (weight still on right)

&4       pop knees forward while lifting heels, recover back with weight on left foot

5&6     step back on R, step together with left, step forward on R 

7&8     step forward on L, step together with R step back on L (while making a ½ turn to the R, you will be facing the 3 O’clock wall)

41-48   skate, ¼ turn sailor, back step, coaster

1-2-3   skate forward on R, skate forward on L, skate forward on R,

4&5     step L behind R, step together with R, step back on L while making a ¼ turn to right 6 O’clock wall

6-7&8  step back on R, step back on L, step together with R, step forward on L

49-56   kick ball step. Toe turns, heel turn, moon walk in place, knee drop

1&2     kick R forward, step on R, step forward on L

3&       bring L toe in ¼ turn to R, bring R toe in ¼ turn to R you will be facing 9 O’clock wall

ah-4     turn left heel in ¼  turn to the left, turn R heel out ¼ turn to the L with weight ending on ball of Left foot ( facing 6 O’clock wall)

5-6       step ball of R foot next to L, slide left back

7-8       step ball of L foot next to R, as you slide R back drop to R knee

(Variation with out knee drop--- count 8-Just slide right foot back

57-64   Prep, full turn, slide, touch, walks(X3)

1          prep body to left for a turn to the right

2-3       make full turn on right knee

4-5       press off of left foot and slide on right knee to the right, touch left beside

6-7-8   step on left while starting to stand, step up on R, walk forward on L

Variation for counts 56-64

8          slide R foot back         

1          prep body for full turn to the right (weight on Left foot) 

2-3       stepping on right make a full to the right ending with weight on Left foot

4-5       take a big step to right, touch left beside R

6-7-8   walk forward on L, walk forward R, walk forward L