Get on the Bus

Choreographed by: Guyton Mundy

32 count 4 wall High Beginner/Low Inter

Music: "Double duch bus" from the "Master Of Disguise" movie soundtrack

"One restart"


1-8       walk back, 1/4 turn, 1/2 turn, coaster, walk X2, ball step

1-2       walk back on right, make a 1/4 turn to left stepping forward on left

3          make a 1/2 turn to left while stepping back on right

4&5     step back on left, step together with right, step forward on left

6-7       walk forward on right, walk forward on left

&8       bring right to left, step left to left side


9-16     jazz box with 1/4 turn, hop, out, hop X2, out

1-2       cross right over left, step back on left

3-4       make a 1/4 turn to right stepping forward on right, step left out to left side

5-6       hop forward on right, hop forward with both feet out

7&8     hop forward on right, hop forward on right, hop forward ending with both feet apart


17-24   walk, rock/recover, ball step with 1/4 turn, toe touches, heel pops

1-2       walk forward on right (as you hit the top of your right hand in front of you with your left)

            rock forward on your left (as your right hand comes around and hits the top of your left)

3          recover on your right (as you bring your left hand up and hit the bottom of your right

&4       step back on the ball of your left foot, make a 1/4 turn to the right as you step forward on your right

5-6       touch left forward, touch left back

7&8     step forward on left, lift both heels up, put heels back down


25-32   coasters, walk X2, hand roll, clap, touches with points

1&2     step back on left, step together with right, step forward on left,

3-4       walk forward right, left,

5&       with both hands out to either side, roll both wrists out in a circle X2

6&       hitch up right leg and clap underneath it, step down on right

7&8     touch left out to left as you point your left hand up across your body to the right, bring left to right,

        touch right out to right as you point your left hand up across you body to the left.


Note....right leg will be out to right at the end of the wall so just step back on right for count 1


There is one restart in the dance. You will start the 9th wall of the dance, and the music will slow down and come to a stop, just continue to count 32 counts and face the front wall and start the dance over again on the front wall. Or you can do it to the original version and just dance it straight through for 5 min. Have fun, made this really easy so you will be ready for my next crazzzzzzzzzzzy one.


Thanks for everything