Here we go!

Choreographed by: Guyton Mundy

Adv. Phrased line dance

Music: Don’t Touch Me, By: Busta Rhymes

(And don't forget your hat)



A Pattern


1-8       Walk, walk, head tilt, punch with kick, cross rock/recover X2

1&2&    walk forward on left, walk forward on right, tilt head left, recover

3-4             hick left out to side as you throw right arm up to right

5&6     cross rock right over left, recover on left, step right to right side

7&8     cross rock left over right, recover on right, step left to left side


9-16          step half turn, hitch, scuff back, scoot back, coaster, drop, slide

1-2             make a ¼ turn to the left stepping forward on right, make a ½ turn pivot to left

ending with weight on left.

&3,4    hitch right up, scuff right back as you scoot back on left, step back on right

5&6     step back on left, step together with right, step forward on left

7,8       place right hand on ground as you slide right forward, drop down to right hip

Variation for counts 7,8 take big step forward on right step forward on left

17-24      legs switches, heel grab, leg kick, hook, ¾ turn, sit

1&2     bring right leg underneath left as you swing left get forward, swing legs back to first position, swing legs back to second position (your just swinging your legs back and forth)

Variation for counts 1&2, slide right foot back as you slide left foot forward, slide left foot back as you slide right foot forward, slide right foot back as you slid left foot forward, hitch left let twice, cross left over right, unwind 3/4 turn to right

3-4             slide right foot forward, grab right heel with left hand,

5-6             bring left leg up through right arm and left leg, hook left leg down around right leg

7-8             with weight on left foot and right arm make a ¾ unwind to the right ending sitting Indian style……Get the video


24-32      arm styling,

1&2&  bring right arm up with elbow bent 90 degrees; repeat with left arm; bend right wrist palm facing down; repeat with left wrist

3&4     extend right arm forward; repeat with left arm; bring palms together

5-6-7      roll finger tips in together pointing fingers to chest; roll finger tips out pointing forward

8          split hands apart, right hand down left hand up



34-40      out, out, leg drop, press, push up, roll, ball step

1-2             bring left leg out in front of you foot flat on the floor; repeat with right leg

3          lay both knees to the left flat on the floor

4          rotate body down to the left pressing both hands down on the floor

5&6     push up with both hands as body comes up off the floor;  bring left foot to right and right to right side as you stand up; on count 6 extend right arm all the way up diagonally to the right

Variations for counts 1 -6: do arm styling while standing up and rejoin dance at “ball step”

7&8     roll right arm from finger tips through shoulders, bring right foot to left and left to left side




41-48      hitch with hit, behind unwind, rock X2, side cross side

1&2     kick right foot forward as you throw right arm forward, hitch right as you bring right arm up, kick right again as you bring right arm forward

&3-4    hitch right leg up as you pop right arm up, touch right behind left, unwind half turn to the right with weight ending on left foot

5-6             step slightly out on the right, step slightly out on the left

7&8     step right to right side, cross left over right, step right to right side


49-56       punches, heel pop, arm break, flat back, side cross, up, hitch behind side

1&2     punch right arm forward as left fist comes to left hip, punch left arm forward as right fist comes to right hip, punch right arm forward as left fist comes to left hip

&3       pop both heels out, then in

&4       bring left arm up bent 90 degrees at elbow, bend at waist to the right with flat back

5&       cross left over right, step right to right side

6                    stand up straight slightly angled to the left arms out to either side elbows bent to 90 degrees open palms facing each other

7                    quarter turn pivot right hitching up right leg

&8       step right behind step, step left to left side dropping arms


57-64      heel pop, grab X2, pull, push, flat back, bacll step X2, up

1&2&  pop left heel out to left, recover left heel in; reach left arm across body as if grabbing a rope; extend right arm to right side like grabbing a rope

3&       like you’re pulling the rope toward your body bring left foot into right foot; like you’re letting go of the rope extending arms to the right step left to left

4                    bend at waist to left with flat back

&5-6    bring right to left, step left to left side, recover on right

&7-8    bring left to right, right to right side, stand up straight as you bring left foot into right ending with weight on left foot



64-72      step, hit, kick round, hook, drop, unwind

1-2       step forward on right, kick left foot out to left side as you throw right arm forward toward left knee


&3-4    bring left to right, kick right out to right side as you sweep right foot around to lock behind left knee

5                    drop to right foot

6-7-8   unwind ¾ turn as you stand up ending with weight on left foot



B Pattern


1-8              back, back, ball slide with step, repeat

1-2             step back on right foot as you brush right shoulder with left hand, step back on left foot as you brush left shoulder with right hand

&3&4  press off left foot stepping forward on the right foot, bring left to right stepping on ball of left foot, step forward on right, touch left to right

5-6             step back on left foot as you brush left shoulder with right hand, step back on right foot as you brush right shoulder with left hand

&7&8  press off right foot stepping forward on left foot, bring right to left stepping on ball of right foot, step forward on left, touch right to left



9-16          Hat tricks and styling

1-2             step right to right as you bring left hand to right hip

3-4             break left knee in as you extend right arm through your left arm; grab brim of hat with right hand; take hat off of head, swing hat around down and to the right extending out to right

5-6             step forward on left foot as you put hat on backwards keeping right hand on bill of hat; make ½ turn pivot right keeping hat stationary with right hand

7&8     step forward on left, swivel left toe to left and right heel to right as you pull bill of hat right and look to the left; bring feet to neutral as head and hat come back forward


17-24      Hat tricks with styling

1-2             take hat off head swinging down and out to the right as you make a ¼ turn pivot to the right with index finger on top of bill and thumb on bottom of bill

&3       rotate middle finger into bottom of bill as hat spins around one full time

4                    bring hat behind body catching with left hand

5-6             extend left arm out to left bringing right foot to left, bring hat around forward grabbing with right hand

7-8             shake hat slightly in front of you, place cap on your head with right hand


Pattern of dance: A pattern 64 into B, complete A pattern, B, complete A pattern, B, A pattern 48 into B, continue with dance until end of song


DON’T TRY THIS ONE AT HOME!!!!!! And thank you all for all of your support over the years. I hope the die hards like this one.




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