Choreographed BY Guyton Mundy & Shaz Walton
32 count, 4 wall, Inter
Music: How many licks By, Lil Kim

1-8 Step, 1/4 turn roll, ball step to side, hip bump, out, out, side hops (X2)
1-2 step forward on right, roll hips CCW making a ¼ pivot to the left
&3 step left next to right, step right to right side
&4 bump left hip up, bump right hips to right side
5-6 step left forward and out, step right forward and out
7-8 hop to left while bringing feet together, hop to left again

9-16 sailor, step with body rocks, ball slide with 1/2 turn, out, out, hit with hip bump
1&2 step right behind, left, step together with left, step forward on right
3&4 step forward on left, while rocking shoulders left, right left
5-6 step on ball of left foot next to right making a 1/4 turn to left, slide right foot back as you make another 1/4 turn to left
7&8 step out on right as you hit right hip with right fist, step out on left as you hit left hip with left fist, hit right fist on front of body at waist level as you bump hips forward

17-24 1/4 paddle turn, 1/4 sailor, body roll up (X2), hold, ball step
1-2 step forward on left twice as you make a 1/4 turn to the right
3&4 make a 1/4 turn to the right as you do a right sailor
5-6 step left forward and slightly out to left as you slightly dip and roll hips up and to the left, slightly dip and roll hips up and to the left this time continuing the roll up through your body
7 hold
&8 bright right to left, step left to left side

25-32 triple step with 1/4 turn, step step, walk backs, 3/4 sailor
1&2 cross right over left, make a 1/4 turn to left while stepping forward on left, step forward on right
3-4 step slightly forward on left, step slightly forward on left again
5-6 walk back on left, walk back on right
7&8 make a 3/4 turn over your left shoulder as you step, left right left

 There are some optional had movements in this dance in the last 8 counts but we will leave it up to you to just have fun with it.

NOTE………If you download the music from I tunes or somewhere else, PLEASE make sure you get the Clean or edited version of the song……HAVE FUN