Childhood memories are…… win gardium leviosa!

When we look back, we find that our childhood is filled with many memories, to begin with, animated movies to branch more into fantasy. One such series, the one written by J.K Rowling that springs up even now. Harry Potter series of books and movies have engraved imagination during childhood. As a result, many people worldwide have become die-hard fanatics of Harry Potter.

While we can willingly go over the entire story strip of Harry Potter and its parts individually, we still recollect those fond moments of the movie and the books. Many have different beliefs and ideology when it comes to the series itself. The characters played by such an amazing cast leave people in awe of their performances.

The Harry Potter series has been a remarkable journey growing up; it still revives memories that are cherished. A child’s imagination, although wild, still provides fascinating pieces of art. One such disposition is the adventure, thrill, friendship and more that is discovered with the journey and tales of Harry Potter. The capacity of imagination to transform itself and take a new form makes imagination a very powerful tool that can be used. J.K Rowling has an explosive imagination that provides an experience for the audience to relish. She is one powerful writer.

The mystery, adventure and friendship

The story by itself has raised eyebrows in much-felt doubt, although many individuals want a new part in this particular series. The storyline itself was just so descriptive and interesting that currently, many people wish to know more about it. The key features being the details of Hogwarts, the four houses: Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Gryffindor and the adventurous life of Harry Potter. The feeling of reminiscence of childhood does bring back memories. With a huge fan following that the story continues to have, the doubts of the story remain another mystery to be resolved. These doubts might seem ordinary to anyone, but a huge fan base with keen watchers of the series, following it every step of the way. It makes all the difference. Hogwarts, Voldemort’s history, Snape’s history, the founding people of Hogwarts all remain a mystery which took not much of an in-depth story while we look at Harry Potter.

While we enjoy every bit of the movie, it takes a lot more to accept the mysteries that the story unravels. The mind seeks to believe the story; the extent of imagination is profoundly astounding. The normal concept of good versus evil and the phenomenal victory of good over evil to be delivered in such a remarkable way by itself is very impressive. Huge appreciation and applause for the writer, director, cast and the entire team to deliver the best of their capacity for audience pleasure deserves much more recognition.

The Quizzard

Even today, when quizzed about it, many individuals can pride themselves on a ‘champion’ title. As their knowledge of Harry Potter has proven no bounds, the intricacies of the story, the characters and the school play the key role for the fan base. One can come across a huge array of different quizzes for Harry potter to acclaim a title. One such quiz is the Harry Potter house quiz. What a feeling to be considered either a Slytherin or Ravenclaw or even a Hufflepuff or Gryffindor. This quiz utilizes the idea of the sorting hat perfectly, as the quality of each individual is examined, and then they are sorted into their respective houses. This quiz provides a different perspective of how one can view themselves or rather in which house of Harry Potter. The Harry Potter quiz provides the benefit of individuals belonging to two of these houses based on their respective qualities. Such as a Slytherclaw or a Gryffinpuff. Although following the story, each house has a dominant quality.

Their website offers chances for people to see their qualities and the constituency. Their website highlights the qualities of the dominant traits of each house, where Gryffindor represents courage, Hufflepuff is kindness and loyalty, Ravenclaw represents creativity, and Slytherin represents ambition and cunning. Apart from these major qualities, each house has underlying characteristics where Slytherin displays intelligence and bravery, Ravenclaw displays eccentricity, Gryffindor displays mischievousness and friendly nature. In contrast, Hufflepuff has exceptional skills with a strong moral code.

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