How harry potter becomes a famous play?

Harry Potter is a story written in this present era. Many people think it was the oldest author’s story because it contains which activities but it is false. The young writer has written this story and later on, it is shooting as the film. All over the world, we can see many harry potter fans. The whole play takes place in the Hogwarts School and all people can’t enter the school, only the selected candidates will have a chance to enter. The school will be sent a letter to the capable students and the school opens in September; students need to prepare themselves. It is a magic school both good and bad witches get the train here. The bad witches are chosen by the student according to their mindset and character but the school won’t teach any wrong things to the student. In school, we can see many mysterious things and it will be quite interesting to solve the riddles of the problem. Each scene in the story will make us Goosebumps and we get involved in the story completely, each part of the story will contain some secrete message it and we won’t feel bored during the film.

Why most people choose the harry potter quiz game?

All age groups of people will love to watch the mystery movie and they will assume themselves as part of the story. They will compare themselves with the characters of the story and like to play the same in front of others. At the same time, we will have doubt too, whether our real character suits the character we love. So people choose the quiz games and take part in them to know their original identity. It reveals our true character and according to that, we can change our character because if it is good there is nothing wrong with it or else if we have some drawbacks in our characteristic, we can change it as soon as possible. It is good for us and surrounding people too. As we discussed, the harry potter movie takes place in the Hogwarts school and the school contains 4 houses. In the screenplay, the cap will be placed on the student’s head and it will read the mindset of the student; based on it, the house will be given to them. In real life how to know, where I belong to, so harry potter quiz is used. Here we can play the quiz and find which Hogwarts house am I, it is also based on our character.

What are the different types of the house?

We all know there are four houses found in the Hogwarts School and students are split into the house based on their character. We can see about the houses in detail and what kind of characteristics people belong to it. They are,

  • Gryffindor: here people will be brave in their way and help each other. This is the strongest house found in the play and students here dare to do anything and kind-hearted. Some funny people are also found here because of their innocent mindset.
  • Slytherin: here the bravest people will found and they don’t hesitate to do anything in their life. They are always cunning heart so if they did anything wrong, easily make others fall on it and they will come out from the problem.
  • Hufflepuff: in this house, we can find loyal people, and many good wizards and witches are trained from here. They will be hardworking people and friendly to all.
  • Ravenclaw: this house is named for intelligent people. They will do things from their knowledge and each action will be unique. We can’t compare their creativeness with anyone.

How to play the game?

Harry Potter is nothing but a set of 30 questions that were given with options. We need not write anything on it and just click the option from our point of view because each will have different thoughts about the question and many options will be given here. We can analyze the question well and answer it from our hearts to find our true character. Later on, the answers will be displayed and show which Hogwarts we belong to. It shows our true character and we can find ourselves here.

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