Prospector hotels are becoming the new hype, why?

Let’s get the basic idea of what exactly do you mean by a prospector hotel/motel. It’s a type of motel which seems to be of a convenient choice for travelers  visiting Silverton as they don’t have to worry about paying too much amount for rooms that they will barely be in. They are the only motel in Silverton which is near by the shopping and business district which makes people choose it even more, as it is close by to the main market. People mainly choose such motels as they are a little cheaper in rate, and if you are a tourist then your main goal is to go out and explore the city, not be stuck in your room, no matter how good it is!  Prospector motels are pocket friendly; meaning that it’s affordable by everyone and they have various other amenities such as;

  • Direct connection to TV
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • The staff is very sweet and friendly.
  • It’s a family friendly motel.
  • The condition of the rooms are amazing. They are always clean.
  • Lastly we always face problems with parking, especially in tourist places as they are always jam- packed. These motels provide extra parking for trailers.
  • You are provided with room service whenever you need it.
  • Your rooms are fully air conditioned.
  • It’s a non-smoking hotel.

Where are these motels located?

Prospector hotel is very close to Silverton city, it is basically just a 10 minutes walk. The places that you can explore around the motel are; The Silverton City Hall- a quick 5 minutes walk. Silverton Chamber of Commerce – it is slightly ahead of the Silverton city hall, it’s a 6 minutes walk from the motel. Mining heritage Centre – like mentioned above, these places are very close by and only a walking distance from the motel. It takes only a 9 minutes walk to reach your destination. It is a local land mark just like Mayflower Gold Mill is. The beauty of this area can be seen at the Animas River and at Weminuche Wilderness.  Telluride, CO. TEX, Telluride Regional-  this is not as near as the three places mentioned above. It is not even at a walking distance, you have to travel by a means of transportation to arrive at TEX, Telluride Regional . It’s a 104 minutes drive from the motel.

What are the policies?s

Every hotel comes with a certain set of policies, terms etc. Prospector motel also has its own set of rules and policies that are to be strictly followed. There are special instructions about the check-in and check-outs.

  • People are only supposed to check-in between 3PM to 8PM.
    • The minimum age for check-in is 18 years.
    • Checkout needs to be done before 11AM.
    • For check-in, guests need to contact the manager, or the property for the required information.
    • While trying to check-in and get the information, you need to contact the property beforehand and confirm your booking.
    • If you are supposed to be arriving after 8PM, it is your responsibility to contact the owner and mention it beforehand so that they can arrange something for you.
    • If you have read this blog and started liking this motel, well you are about to start loving it because yes, pets are allowed.
    • But if your pet is by any chance a service animal, then the additional fees are excluded. They can stay for free of cost.

Children are welcome as it is a family motel. But children beds, such as roll away beds or extra beds are not available so you might need to adjust your child with you.

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