Things about the sun of great knowledge

Muslims wherever shout out that Allah is extraordinary but it is just the sun. All of the Islamic religions brought into the world of Babylon realize that their central object of love is the divine body whose images are the five-point star and the right-calculated cross. These are the signs related with scattered light that structures rings of rainbow-shaded moving displays of force. They are best seen at first light or when reflected off a sparkly item, like gold or gem.

My rebirth and the commission given by the Soul of the Universe, the solitary God, to eliminate the hindrance that conceals reality demonstrates something else. As a man in my last life the information gave to do the work uncovered the layers of pretend, untruths, fantasies, and enchantment from which religions are created.

They all have their foundations around here and prompted research how they moved brought me into regions never acknowledged in advance. One of these is the record protected in language whereby each syllable is related with an image of strict love. At the end of the day, language is the vehicle that has conveyed reality in where it would never be covered or adjusted.

Religion in sun-love

The trickiness that covered over the beginning of religion in sun-love has fortified the divider until its size is inconceivable under ordinary conditions. Reality, nonetheless, has the ability to separate it and that is the thing that is presently streaming over the earth through the Web.

‘Allah’ is from ‘ El-a’ which signifies ‘god’s force’ or ‘lord of force’ and it applies to the sun while ‘Ella’ is a young lady’s name like Mary. The sun has clear impact over the earth as warmth and life created from that source. It likewise kills and blinds and is fit for some different impacts, however it’s anything but God.

One’s heart will be unperturbed when one’s baffling point controls one’s body. This secretive point is the entryway to the secret hub of the man’s inclination where the spiritual nature dwells. It’s difficult to know its whereabouts, except if it is brought up and its mysteries are opened. Without the declaration of Paradise, no instructor dares to communicate this mystery and it is simply by proclivity that one will experience such extraordinary learning in شمس المعارف الكبرى.

We must be splendid and liberated from all contaminations if our longings for common things are completely cleared off. By then just our considerations will actually want and have the option to keep our hearts right. Having our ethical hearts put right, then, at that point we can just develop our bodies and be good example of the family. By having families levelled out by rules, then, at that point states will be appropriately administered, on the grounds that the family is the model of the state. Having states properly represented, the entire world will be made serene and cheerful, on the grounds that the state is the model of the world.

To develop ourselves is the root. To have the family very much constrained by rules, to administer the state properly and to make the entire world peaceful and glad are the branches. On the off chance that the root is very much arranged, normally the branches are all around requested; if the root isn’t all around requested, their branches will be something similar.

How to develop the true nature?

The true nature is the foundation of the body. In the event that one realizes how to develop the true nature and feed the genuine information to the most elevated flawlessness, then, at that point it is called knowing the root and the consummating of information. The extraordinary learning shows us how to gain from the deeds of the incredible men. It shows us how to clear away our longings for common things, negative propensities and illegitimate musings with the goal that we may recapture our unique nature and be brilliant.

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