Things You Must Know About Coolsculpting In Dubai

If you are worried about your body fat and you want to lose it but you don’t want any other procedure that includes needles or incisions then going for CoolSculpting in Dubai is a really good option for you. This method is for reducing fat such that there are no needles or any incisions involved in it.

Generally, this method is aimed at reducing the fat cells and certain parts of your body it is done with the help of contouring where the surgeon will use a device to freeze the cells that are present under your skin when these cells are destroyed the gradual breakdown and can be removed from the body by the liver.

So if you have fascinated by this method then in this article you will get to know all the important information that you should know about getting CoolSculpting in Dubai.

The procedure

The procedure is very simple where there is no use of a needle instead there is a device used that holds a part of your body between two pedals that are targeted. These petals cool quickly such that it destroys around 20% to 25% of the fat cells. Generally, these peddle are placed for about 30 minutes to 1 hour. The results will be seen after some weeks of the procedure being done.

While the procedure is going on it involves some minimal pain because of the process after it happens the provider will massage and treat the areas after the treatment.

Who can choose the treatment?

If you have loose skin or some problems related to your fat and you don’t want to make any incisions in your body then you should always think of getting this surgery. It is generally said that people who have obesity, pregnant or nursing women, and people who cannot handle cold well should avoid going for CoolSculpting in Dubai.

Risks involved

As there are no cuts or insertions involved this method can overall be considered a safer option when compared with other fat reduction procedures. Most people do not feel any side effects after this surgery except some tingling sensation because of the cooling panels.

The only noticeable side effect can be around the area of treatment where you may feel some redness or firmness around the treated area. Some may also feel stinging or tingling effects in their body because of the cooling sensation given. Your skin may turn sensitive and numb because of the extreme cooling. In some cases, you may get some muscle cramping and bruise around the treated area.

Sometimes you may feel itchiness after a few days of the treatment done and you may feel that there is the sum fullness in your throat. Diarrhea is also a common side effect where the fat cells will be removed from the body.

If you feel that these effects are lasting for a longer time then you should contact your medical treatment providers.

Results post-treatment

The benefit of the surgery can gradually be eradicated if there is no diet and exercise regularly followed as there are chances that you may gain weight again. This low-risk procedure is helpful for most people where the skin barrier is not compromised and there are no cuts made.

The results can be seen as long-lasting with the help of regular exercise and diet followed as there are chances that fat may be deposited again. Overall people who are interested in doing CoolSculpting in Dubai should consult the doctor and choose if this can help them for reducing fat or not.

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