What Are The 5 Different Types Of Tandem Kayaks To Know About?

What Are The 5 Different Types Of Tandem Kayaks To Know About?

Going on an adventure is one of the most fun activities that you can do in a while. Water sports adventure comes at the top positions of the list when having a great time with your friends and family. It is an experience when you find yourself among the calm and serene water or even the aggressive river floor trying to balance yourself and your mates within the raft to get to the other side. When someone thinks of a water sports adventure, the picture would be incomplete without thinking about the suitable kayaks. 

Those who aren’t aware of the term can be understood as an inflatable or hardshell board generally used for paddling into the river waters. It is mostly found in places where water sports adventure is available. For example, tandem kayaks can have space for one or two people to sit in and enjoy the waters. 

Did you know what are the five different types of Kayaks that are generally found? If not, then read here. 

Five major types of kayaks

The following are five  general types of kayaks you can find:

  • Inflatable kayaks: Inflatable kayaks are one of the most easily found kayaks among all the varieties. This type of kayak is suitable for recreational purposes and is generally advised for white water sports. They can be inflated easily with an electric pump or a foot-operated pump. The body design makes them the best for enjoying calm water. One of the most special features of an inflatable Kayak is that it can be folded back and kept anywhere easily without consuming much space when not in use. Moreover, it can also be carried in one backpack. These are quite easy to handle and are a suitable option for people having their first experience at kayaking. 
  • Day touring kayaks: These types of rocks are suitable for or an adventure of a long extended time of kayaking as it is designed in such a way that does not require a lot of paddling to move further. It is also a suitable option if one has to go paddling in rough water bodies. 
  • Cross-over kayaks: This type of kayak is suitable for most occasions, such as planning to go fishing or even going for a trip in the rough running waters. They make a perfect option for or waters that are rapid as well as come in the middle.
  • Whitewater kayaks: The whitewater Kayak is specifically designed to ensure that people have a great time kayaking in rough and Rocky rivers. They are approximately four to ten feet long and designed to move fast and go along without getting damaged from wearing and tearing in hard waters and rocks in the river. 
  • Tandem kayaks: If going for kayaking along with the partner, tandem kayaks are the best option you can choose. It allows two people to sit in one kayak and operate it together. Tandem Kayaks are also a favourable option for young children in the office who have their first experience at kayaking as the instructor can also sit with them to give instructions in time. The tandem kayaks also have good storage space where people can store their essentials. Therefore it can also be used for long-duration trips. 

How to choose the right kayak?

Planning to go for a water sports adventure, then choosing suitable tandem kayaks makes a significant difference. After all, all your pleasure of the journey depends on how comfortable a person is while operating their kayak midst of all the water. To choose a suitable Kayak, it is important to know about the speed of water flow that is expected in the river. If the water flow is slow and calm, one can go for an inflatable Kayak or other models that make kayaking in still waters fun. However, if the voters are harsh and too rocky, one must choose a kayak that can easily move through the water flow and move through without getting damaged. One can also consult with Kayaking experts to make a good choice and have a great time kayaking. 

Kayaking is fun when you have a suitable Kayak and are ready with all the instructions by experts. 

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