Why Did Players Buy Pokemon Go Trade Cards For Sale

In 2016, the pokemon franchaise developed and published a virtual reality game, by the name of Pokemon Go. This was done in collaboration with ninetendo and the pokemon company and was made available for both ios, which is iphone, ipads and Android devices. If this game was to be explained in a nutshell, it would be defined as a game that uses the gps setting of a device to locate and then furthermore capture virtual living creatures, that are known as pokemon. The game was designed as an extension to the hit show, which went by the same name, for a surprisingly large period of 10 years, which is almost a decade. This game was condemned because unlike every other video game in the market, it did not force it’s players to be stuck up within four walls and actually encouraged them go out in the open. Not only this but the game was made more lucrative for people, by tactics like pokemon go trade cards etc. One can buy pokemon go trade for sale, in the game itself.

All you need to know about the game pokemon go

Pokemon Go was a game that enjoyed peak popularity and more than a billion downloads, in the year 2016. Although it’s fame was short lived, it still made huge supernormal profits for the producers and developers. Not only were the thousands of people, downloading this game everyday were bringing in profit, but also it was these same players that were making purchases and spending actual money in the game tk buy fictional characters. The whole concept of the game was based on players collecting virtual characters and trade cards and if one could not achieve them by playing, there was always the option of buying the same. The game always had characters and pokemon go trade cards for sale. This game was one of the most popular ones in the market, for entire 2016 and some part of 2017 as well. Not just popular, but this game had quite abruptly become a household name among young teens.

Why did the game become so popular?

As mentioned above, the game was based on a popular kids show called pokemon. This show was immensely popular in the late 90s and 2000s. The kids who watched this show during that time, were the same ones that were old enough to download and play this game in 2016.So naturally the game saw a lot of users doenloading it, cause of the fact that it held a special place in their memory. Not only this but once users started playing it once, they were provided a false sense of achievement by constant and recurring rewards. This tactic is as old as time and is actually a way to manipulate the psychology of players. When the players, playing this game are given rewards for successfully completing, different levels or special challenges, they feel a boost in adrenaline and serotonin. Simply speaking they feel a rush and confidence, followed by a sense of achievement. It is a feeling, everyone wishes to experience so obviously, they keep playing this game again and again.

New games are developed and released in the market almost every day, however very few become popular and enjoyable. Pokemon Go was one such game it cashed in on children, now turned adults and their core memories and provided a fun experience. The element of virtual reality, combined with the necessity to step out in the open really made the players feel like the game they were playing was not an ordinary one. This is the core reason why the game became so popular

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