Ever Heard Of Being Paid For Being a Amazon Product Tester?

While buying products through electronic commerce websites, many people fear the credibility and quality of the products as they don’t get to see the products in real-time, rather they are coerced into buying them solely through the images posted online and with the reviews and ratings given for each product. Hence, most of the top electronic commerce websites such as Amazon have a separate sector allotted for checking the products before putting them up on their platform.

Those people employed in such sectors are referred to as Amazon product testers. Having a separate department allotted in this sector is very crucial as it decides electronic commerce’s credibility and its eventual reputation. As the reputation of an electronic commerce website solely relies on its customer satisfaction. And customer satisfaction in turn depends upon the products purchased by them.

How and what decides who becomes a product tester?

 This isn’t like any other department, wherein the management team puts up an advertisement for job vacancies, receives different applications from potential employees, conducts interview rounds, shortlists the candidates and finally hires the ones that are found to be the most compatible with the requirements of their job description. None of these is applicable to becoming a product tester. Here you will get to know about amazon produkttest (amazon product tester).

This is quite different from conventional job hiring. Every customer who has purchased from a particular electronic commerce website is eligible to write reviews.  These electronic commerce websites are always on the search for product testers. They expect you to test the products sent by them for free and comment about the particulars of the product and generate genuine feedback about the same.

Lastly, they also expect you to spread the word about the product from your side.  However, becoming a product tester isn’t a cake-walk. It rather involves a great deal of work. Before aiming to become a product tester, you need to first establish yourself as a highly reputed reviewer, with a considerable amount of ratings for your reviews. Hence, this will tend to escalate your ranking as a reviewer.

This ranking is decided by the number of eminent reviews you have delivered and how helpful your reviews are to other customers. There are two categories in which reviews are rated by the customers, which is the helpful or not helpful options beneath every review. The number of such helpful likes for your review is the deciding factor for your ranking as a reviewer. Being top-ranked is vital to becoming a product tester. Becoming a product tester is quite the process. As the competition to become one is increasing drastically. Many people are thriving to become product testers.

Why people are looking out to becoming product testers?

 Well, this may sound astonishing, but these e-commerce websites actually pay the product testers along with offering the products for free. The pay is quite the sum. Sometimes, the e-commerce brands even offer unpaid roles, however, they will be compensated with other perks such as coupons, free items and so many more of that sort.  This isn’t a permanent job you can rely on, rather it’s just a leisure job you can do on the go. It is reported that Amazon doesn’t pay you as such directly, but compensates in other ways. Yet there are very limited spots that offer paid opportunities on amazon as well.


Being a product tester for amazon can mean that you are loaded with free goodies and products just for posting genuine reviews and feedback about the same. It can be a very interesting job and many find it a great way to earn as well as get some free stuff too.

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