Star Baptism: How to name a star after your name?

It has become a trend nowadays to gift yourself a star and name it after you. You can get a star and name it yourself. Name it with your name, the date of your birthday, a memorable event, or any other thing that is meaningful to you. At Sterne Schenkenayou can buy your star and baptize it yourself. Naming stars has been done for thousands of years. From ancient times we have come to associate stars with gods and people. We do this as humans and we continue to do this today, just in different ways.

Naming a star can be done in two ways: through an app or through an online catalogue where you can choose from the database of existing stars and names. It is not easy to choose a star and name it. The Milky Way is in the neighbourhood of 300 billion stars and there are many factors to think about when choosing a star for yourself. Some people might not have enough time or money to buy land on Earth, but they can still have their stars in the sky.

How to buy a star and name it yourself?

Here are some guidelines to help you know how to choose a star and name it:

  • Choose a star that you have an emotional connection with. This will make the naming process easier for you.
  • If possible, choose a star that is visible from your hometown. This will give you a sense of warmth and familiarity when looking at the stars at night.
  • If there is no star in your sky, choose stars close to each other on the map so that they can be seen as one object when viewed from Earth.
  • Choose a constellation or an area of the sky interested in.
  • Choose how bright you want your star to be (most people will want it to be brighter).
  • Write down your name, birth date, and other information on a designated form.

Make your loved ones feel special by buying them a star

There are many ways stars can be personalized for your loved one. You can name the star after the recipient and write a personalized message on the certificate. You can also buy a star plaque that has their name on it and place it in your garden or give them as a special keepsake to have forever in their bedroom or living room.

If you are looking for a gift for your loved one’s birthday, wedding anniversary, or another special occasion, then buying them a star might be a perfect idea. One of the most cherished gifts you could give your loved one during this time is to name a real star after them.

Buying your loved one a star is not only special but also very romantic too. Who wouldn’t love to have the night sky filled with their private constellation of stars? The benefits of this type of purchase don’t stop there. We can ensure that they are in an area where they will never forget you and that when they see the stars at night, they will always think of you.

Summing up

Some people find it hard to purchase the right gift for their loved ones, but with a star, you know they’ll always have their special place in the sky. It’s not easy, to find the perfect present. Whether it’s your husband’s birthday, your wife on her anniversary, or a co-worker celebrating an achievement. We all know how difficult it can be to find that perfect something that will show someone how much you care about them. But one of the best things you can give is something that’ll stay close to them for years and years: naming a star after them.

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