Know-How to Download Instagram videos for free

Instagram is the leading social media platform that is a heaven if you love content. Whether it’s normal photo posts, long carousel posts, reels, IGTV, videos, and stories, Instagram will keep you occupied with quality content. And, if you are a true fan, you must be curious about how you can Instagram reels video download. Since Instagram is a social media site that does not directly support downloading of videos, you have to resort to a third-party website to save videos of high quality quickly. Fortunately, some websites now provide you with that option too.

Why are Instagram videos so valuable?

Videos are the best possible way to engage with the audience on any social media website. These videos will let the audience know about what someone is offering, and they can get entertained too. Creators know this fact, and as such, video content is rapidly growing in Instagram and will overrun the growth of photo content. By watching a video, you can comprehend someone’s personality, stories, and experiences in a better way. There are different researches on consumer behavior on social media, claiming that most users like video content to grasp.

Apps for downloading Instagram videos

So, if you want to download videos for free, these are the top applications that we recommend:-


VideoHunter is an application made for batch downloading of multiple ig videos in their original quality. With its simple copy and paste URL format, you can download videos from over 1000 websites, including Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, YouTube, etc. The application supports download in 1080P, 4K and even 8K. The website offers a six times faster speed than others for downloading videos.


Ingram is an ideal application for downloading bulk Instagram content of any form, whether an IGTV video, a photo, or an Instagram story. By simply using the copy and paste URL method, you will be able to download desired content on this app.

Instagram Downloader

Instagram Downloader is a great app suitable for unlimited video downloads. This easy-to-use app follows a two-step process for downloading any video from Instagram. By simply copying the text and pasting it into the box provided, you will be able to save videos in their original quality. The application is free to use.

4K Stogram

If you want to download existing as well as future posts of someone automatically, you can use the 4K Stogram app. The application supports downloading each kind of content like posts, videos, story, etc. You can even download Instagram Highlights using this application.  You can also follow hashtags and accounts using the app, so the posts related to them are downloaded.


Downloadgram is a perfect application for you if you are interested in exclusive Insta reels, IGTVs, photos, and videos. The method of download is quite simple. You have to copy and paste the link to the content you are looking to download. The website offers unlimited downloads, and you don’t need to pay any fee or register yourself to use its worthy features.

Is it legal to download Instagram videos?

As Instagram has not added any standard feature that will allow its users to directly download videos over the app, you may be wondering whether it is legal to download videos ig. The answer is quite simple. There are different types of videos shared on Instagram. It is wholly legal to download if you are not downloading any specific copyright-protected content. Still, if you want to be on the safer side, never use such videos for commercial purposes and keep them only for personal reasons.

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