Read This Before Going For A Full Body Laser Hair Removal

A bear might look cosy and cuddly, especially during winter, with all its thick fur. But this does not mean that humans too want to become like that. Everyone would instead look like a diva or fashion model, rather than go around with hair covering them like bear fur. This is precisely why people are opting for shaving and waxing.

But there is only so much we could do with shaving and waxing. It is impossible to reach every corner of your skin to get rid of unwanted hair growth. This is why people are starting to prefer laser hair removal instead. Everyone will choose complete body laser treatment. But here are some things to know before a comprehensive body laser hair removal treatment.

Don’t Expose The Skin To Sun

If you are a summer sun, then you will have a difficult time getting this treatment done. It is usually recommended to not be out in the Sun for at least two weeks before the laser treatment. It can be dangerous as sunburns or tan lines can disrupt the process. So, it is better for those who want a nice summer day at the beach to get this done in winter.

It is also better to remove fake tan lines. No matter how pale your original skin may be, it is not good to go laser hair removal treatments with artificial tan lines. And it is always better to be honest with the laser technician about your skin kind and hair colour.

Have The Right Expectation Level

Getting laser done once does not mean the hair will never grow again. It only delays the process. Also, it is not possible to receive ideal results after the first treatment itself. It usually takes about 2-3 sessions to altogether remove the hair. Though it is an immediate process, it will take time to do a Full Body Laser Hair Removal treatment.

So arrange your schedule accordingly. It is better to speak to the laser technician about the timing. Apart from this, you should also note that it is not possible to get a full-body treatment all the time. Each area of your skin has a different growth cycle. Laser treatment does not disrupt this cycle, and so the hair will grow at different speeds in other areas.

24 Hours Before The Treatment

There are certain things to keep in mind 24 hours before your appointment. One of them is to remove the hair present. No matter which part of your body you are going for a laser session, removing the hair in that area is recommended. While drawing, it is essential to note that you should only be shaving it.

Using creams or waxing can remove them from the root, affecting hair follicles. This will hinder the laser treatment. Having long strands of hair will cause burns instead. It is always better to not apply moisture or any such products on your skin. The skin has to be perfectly natural while you go for the treatment, as these can affect hair follicles.

Works On Hair Follicles

As mentioned, laser treatment works with hair follicles. This is also why this treatment cannot be used to remove grey or blonde hair. Any lighter colour hair cannot be removed using a laser. The method of working also depends on your skin colour.

If you have light skin, the laser will directly act on the hair follicles. But if you are dark-skinned, the laser targets the blood vessels present right behind these hair follicles. As it reaches, it then stunts the hair growth at that point. This is why it is essential to shave properly before this treatment!

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